Trident Tools Ltd ("MAGICUT" or "company") was established in 1982. Starting with the manufacture of a limited range of Hacksaw Blades and Tool Bits the company has since gradually evolved into manufacturing a wide range of Hand Tools, Power Tool Accessories, Cutting Tools and its own Steel as well. MAGICUT along with manufacturing all finished products also makes its own raw material, namely Bimetal Strips along with Edge Wire and Backing Material which are the raw material for Bimetal Strips; making it one of a kind facility in the world that is offering complete End to End Solutions in Saw Blades.

MAGICUT is headquartered in Mumbai, India with its plants at Palghar from where it is offering a comprehensive range of products, all from a single source. Each of these products are of the highest international quality standards especially with our Hand Hacksaw Blades that are sold Worldwide in the market segments of DIY, OEM and Distributors/ Specialized Retailers. MAGICUT today sells its products to more than 45 countries Worldwide and has in excess of 100 Dealers in India along with direct sales to leading Government Units such as BHEL, Steel Units, Railways, Defense, etc. MAGICUT has been successfully able to penetrate in various market segments, as it has primarily been able to understand the Customer Requirements, Upgrade its Production Facilities, Provide Quality Products, Add New Products, Offer Good Service Levels and Offer Marketing Support and Sales Promotion.

The company has gained a Wealth of Experience covering the manufacturing of variety of products and has always kept pace with the rapid developments of the Modern High Technology Production Techniques. The company understands its clients well in regard to the Technical Requirements as well as the Purchase Decision Process. MAGICUT's success can be hinged upon its ability to Consistently Deliver Standard Quality and Timely Execution of Delivery Schedules. The company continues to maintain and continuously upgrade the quality of its products so as to Maximize Customer Satisfaction and Future Growth.

“You have the right to work, but never to the fruit of work. You should never engage in action for the sake of reward, nor should you long for inaction. Perform work in this world, Arjuna, as a man established within himself - without selfish attachments, and alike in success and defeat.” - The Bhagavad Gita

MAGICUT's origins go back to 1948 when the founder, Late Mr. R.C. Gupta opened a Hardware Retail Shop and a few years later started Wholesaling as well. In 1963 he started his first factory for Engine Bearings and gradually expanded to manufacture a variety of products such as Bearings, Diesel Engine Spares, Copper Alloys and Cutting Tools. Over the last 68 years, though diversification took place, the focus has never shifted away from Engineering.


1948 Late Mr. R.C. Gupta opened a Hardware Shop for Retailing and then Wholesaling
1963 Started Factory for Engine Bearings
1971 Started Factory for Copper Alloy Products
1982 MagicutTools Ltd, the Cutting Tool Factory established at Palghar for the Manufacture of HSS Hacksaw Blades & Tool Bits
1996 Export department established, now Exporting to 45 Countries across the globe
2000 Trident Tools Pvt Ltd based in Mumbai starts manufacture of Cutting Tools
2008 Trident Tools Pvt Ltd is merged with Magicut Tools Ltd and Post Amalgamation the Merged Company called Trident Tools Ltd
2009 Launched Bimetal Hole Saws, a product manufactured for the first time in India
2010 All Activities Centralized at Palghar
2010 Expansion cum Modernization Project to Enhance Production Capacity
2010 Largest Manufacturer & Exporter of Bimetal Hand Hacksaw Blades from India
2011 Establishment of Bandsaw Weld & Distribution Centre in association with The M.K. Morse Company, USA
2012 Reciprocating Saw Blades Launching
2012 Mini-Hole Saws Launched
2012 Backward Integration to Manufacture Bimetal Strips
2013 Parted ways with The MK Morse Company and Established own Weld Centre
2013 Bimetal Bandsaw Production Started
2013 Quickcut Engineering Company Pvt Ltd Merged into Trident Tools Ltd
2013 Addition of Hacksaw Frames, Junior Hacksaw Blades, Arbors and Hole Saw Back Plates into the Range
2014 Takeover of Business of Narendra & Sons Strip LLP
2014 Manufacture HSS Edge Wire and Backing Material
2014 Achieving the Vision of Becoming a Fully Integrated Manufacturer for Bimetal Saws and an End to End Solutions Company


Vision & Missions Statements

 Become a Fully Integrated Company where Together we produce our Raw Material namely Edge Wire and Backing Material which will be Converted into Bimetal Strips that will then be used for Manufacturing Bandsaw Blades, Hacksaw Blades, Hole Saws, Reciprocating Saw Blades and Jigsaw Blades thus Facilitating End to End Solutions.

 To build Shareholder Value by Delivering Quality Products to our Customers in an Innovative and Cost Effective Way. We will realize this Mission by Setting the Highest Standards in Service, Safety and Reliability.